About me

My name is Dmitriy and I am a CDN and web performance expert.
I build and manage high load and high availability systems.

I also do consulting, research, develop and manage projects and products, write articles, manage servers, work on open source projects and bunch of other stuff...

After working for a long time for MaxCDN I opened my own company with offices in Krakow, Poland. There I gathered a team of experts and now we are building cool services and products related to web performance. Most of the time we are developing our own stuff, we work with clients only when they share our ideology regarding a good product.

I also speak Greek, Russian and English. Currently learning Polish.

Feel free to contact me regarding anything at all. My email is available at Github.

My projects

  • jsDelivr - Advanced Multi-CDN for developers. It serves almost 9 billion HTTP requests per month and continues to grow. It has the best performance and uptime than any enterprise CDN.
  • DNSPerf - DNS performance monitoring. v2 is coming soon with Pro plans and lots of new features.
  • CDNPerf - Open Source CDN performance monitoring. (Update coming soon)
  • More coming soon...

I also built http://tools.maxcdn.com/ and manage a few web clusters for big websites.

My old projects from when I was 14-16 years old:

  • JB Video Screensaver - A multimedia screensaver that was actually used by lots of people. It still works.

My articles

Excluding anouncements and unrelated articles.



jsDelivr Blog:

iTuts.gr (my old website with Greek IT tutorials):